14 Week Transformation Pics/Videos/Food/Links

I have started to compose this thread a month before I release it. I need to start it now, as I feel that I need to make one small blog post with several links attaching to the relevant pages for anyone that wishes to see my changes.

The whole thought of pushing myself as hard as possible was to see if I had the determination, discipline, consistency and passion from my chosen sport. I have 4 weeks left till I reach my target date and I know that I have all the above factors as I have never missed my cardio, never snacked or ate junk food at any time other than the one experiment with pop tarts that was planned two weeks before.

At this moment in time, I have decided that I will work out my weak points and train toward a competition over the next few years as a complete natural bodybuilder.

What I have accomplished during this cut has exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams. I have dropped inches of my waist, I’m on target for a 20 pound weight drop and I have got my abs that I have been saying was impossible! I must remind anyone that looks at my blog to remember that it’s all about me setting my own goals and accomplishing them. I learn from trial and error and have done everything on my own. Edit – I have now lost a total of 28lb in 14 weeks. (03/05/2014)

I feel proud of with what I have done and I can now see exactly what I need to focus on more training wise. I have always been ashamed of my legs as they carried most of my fat. Even at the start of this cut I was ashamed of my legs and so I left my trousers on. I have decided that I no longer have to feel ashamed of my legs and therefore showed them on camera to monitor my progress. Personally I swear down with taking pictures for looking at my progress and I urge anyone that is starting their journey to do the same.

I hope that I can share my knowledge gained over the last few years with my blog readers and help someone to change their mind and body in a positive way. Feel free to contact me any time and I will do my best to help you with what has worked for me. (I can only share with you what I have done for now and work out your daily calories and macro split, foods, meal times and workout routines from my experience)


I have approached this cut alone. I have kept everything under wraps till now, as I really wanted to give it all I had on my own. The people I have met in the new gym have been an invaluable source of information that I have allowed my brain to absorb as much as possible. Every meal, cardio, training, photos, motivation, discipline, consistency has come from my passion alone. The only person that has helped me through it all is my training partner, my wife. She has kept things going when it got difficult. She sacrificed many things so she could help me with the correct nutrition throughout.


14 weeks ago I attempted what I though was impossible, now I know anything is possible… If you really want it…


People I want to say thank you to first….

  • My wife – For everything
  • John Linsley – Planted the seed and never doubting me.
  • Dorian Yates and Gal Yates – A huge inspiration in every aspect. His dvds, photos, knowledge, kindness, no bullshit approach and so on. The list is endless!
  • Andrew Coulson – This guy is the man behind ProteinBites and has an endless amount of positivity that he passes on to others. Andrew and Dorian have changed mine and my families life in ways that we didn’t know were possible.
  • Zak Pallikaros (and team) – The man behind the DrZaks range and a huge inspiration to watch, learn from and always makes us feel like part of his team.
  • Andrew Torres – A man that has got knocked down and got back up to be an incredible champion! I class Andrew as a friend. His help with supplements and knowledge shared is hugely appreciated.
  • Robert Barbour – Following his journey has motivated me and educated me in many ways over the last 14 weeks.
  • Julian-Storm Gym – Great gym with some great folk too. Always a pleasure to train there and chat with/train along side like minded people. Every age, sex, religion, goal etc are welcome…
  • BodyPower Expo – This place turned my dreams into reality and exposed me to a motivational experience that has helped me change my life.

There are many more, but these are the ones that I need to point out for now… (I will get around to thanking everyone)


Thank you for taking your time to read this and here’s a few links to what I have done over these 14 weeks….


My Special Foods

Here’s a list of foods that I have used on a daily basis and what I have relied on to get me to reach my goal.


  • Black Bombs – Before Cardio, morning and night
  • Whey Protein – Tempro, Kinetica, PHD Diet

Why so little supplements when I love them?

It has been very expensive eating the foods that I have set out to eat. I simply couldn’t afford any extra supplements and did my best to get what I need from my food intake.

Foods (Main foods Only)

  • Class-A Chicken Breast
  • Egg Whites
  • 5% Fat Mince Beef
  • Fish (Cod, Tuna, mackerel)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Vegetables
  • Oats With Water
  • First 12 Weeks Cottage Cheese
  • 100% Peanut Butter

 Here’s a brief history of my changes…

A few pics from when I was overweight, roughly 5 years ago.

SS851968 SS852103 20130829_170959~01

What I started with –


And then progressed too my home made bench press…

229525_201959126512054_4482111_n 226535_201959983178635_8058603_n 227524_199266750114625_2102179_n

(New Gym – Julian Storm Gym Started Jan 2014)

A year or so later once I went on a diet that consisted mainly of eating nothing.


This time last year… May 2013



The start of this cut…


 The end of week 14 and my goal date to get some kind of visible abs.

Today… (03/05/2014)







Comparison pictures over the years

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (6)


I recorded myself weighing, measuring, and checking my fat percentage every single Saturday morning from December 31st 2013. I took photos every week and a video to look back on. It gave me something to push for and focus on every week. I can also look back at the video to see how I took my measurements as I progressed through the weeks. I have said this many time and I will say it again… IF YOU ARE STARTING YOUR JOURNEY, TAKE PICTURES ONCE A WEEK OR MONTH, FULL BODY PICTURES ALONG WITH MEASUREMENTS!!! 

Why have I made so much of a deal out of this?

My journey started in May 2010 when I spoke to John. He inspired me to lift weights. I remember the wife playing a game with him and said he was friendly and lifted weights, she showed me a picture of him and I immediately felt that I needed to start lifting.

You can see most of my journey here and the progress I have made, regardless of what anyone else’s opinion was of me, I just carried on doing what I love. I searched for information and spent years trying and failing with different information I gathered. (I never actually failed, I simply gained knowledge)

May is always going to be my goal date for cutting, just like I have programmed myself to bulk from August onwards. I am pleased that I can now actually bulk to build muscle as I have always been carrying excess fat, I have just been bulking fat. I have finally cut the fat to see where I am and I will NEVER put 28lb of fat on again! A cleaner bulk is certainly the way I believe I will benefit from.

I have always said that it is impossible for me to get visible abs… Now I feel that anything I want I can achieve!


It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you are going in the right direction. I have never felt like I am going to fail as I know how much passion I have for bettering myself and helping others. As long as you are doing something to work towards your goals then you will not fail… If you don’t try to do anything at all, that’s when you fail! 

Final word – Start your journey today, as tomorrow is just another excuse. Excuses are for losers! If you want something, GO AND GET IT! 

Feel free to e-mail me if you need a kick start to start your journey. I would love to inspire others wherever possible.

All My Links

Learn to love yourself… – AC


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