N.O Xplode

N.O Xplode Green Apple (50 servings).

I’m not sure if I like this product to be honest. I usually grab a pint glass with 480ml of water and mix 2 scoops of powder into it. I liked the kick it gave me when drinking it, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to keep stirring it constantly and the the powder still got stuck to the bottom of the glass. (It has to be stirred as it foams up and may blow the top off a sealed bottle)

Hitting the gym was a little hit and miss with N.O explode. Some days I would do very well, feel full of energy and break my PB records. Other times I would just feel exhausted and hit fatigue rather quickly. This brings me to the conclusion that it’s just hit and miss whether it gives you a good session or not. I still say it’s a 40% mentally, 40% nutrition and 20% sleep if you are going to do good or not, despite supplements. (I made those stats up on the spot, sounds good though).

N.O Xplode

Good- Sour Taste gives a kick, prepares the mind

Bad – Price, performance consistency, mix ability.

(I have now got some C4 Xtreme, so keep an eye out for my opinions on that)


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