Whey Protein

I am not a nutritionalist or a doctor, the opinions here are mine and that’s all. If you want a solid in-depth review then tough luck. I’m not going to pretend I know Nurishment that well.

Syntha 6 (£38/2.2kg)- I thought I would try and step up my game a bit from the box standard MyProtein Whey to something more special, so I bought a 5lb tub of Syntha 6. My first impressions were fantastic! It came in a nice large tub AND it included a scoop! I didn’t pay much attention to the nutritional facts as reviews were saying it was great, I disagree though.

Each 44g scoop of Syntha 6 has 22g of protein, that’s a measly 50% protein per serving. I understand it has other stuff in it like carbohydrates and fat, but 50%? really???

My Protein whey(5kg/45)- For starters MyProtein Whey is much cheaper and it has a higher protein content per serving than Synthia 6. MyProtein Whey has 20.5g of protein per 25g scoop, that’s 82% protein compared to the 50% Synth 6.

MyProtein (8/10)

Good – Cheap, effective, great tasting (strawberry cream), easy mix, 82% protein content.

Bad- It comes in a pouch and doesn’t have a scoop in there. Horrible after taste from flavouring.

Syntha 6 (7/10)

Good – Meal replacement, fantastic taste (Cookies and cream), easy to mix, nice tub with scoop.

Bad – Expensive, only 50% protein content.

Both are good products although I prefer MyProtein Whey as it is cheaper and has a higher protein content than Syntha 6.


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