Tonight Session 8/8/2012

Tonight was shoulders and triceps with a little bit of clean and jerks.

I started of with the compound exercise which was clean and jerks. I was quite excited to try this for the second time and push myself a little harder than last week as well as trying to nail the form. It didn’t go well to be honest. I matched last weeks weight, but my mind just can’t tell my body how to squat when cleaning. I know what to do, it just won’t happen. This will come together over the next few months, and to help it do so, I have started doing front squats on my leg sessions.

Moving on, I did shoulders. I started with two sets of 8 x 50lb dumbell seated press, then one set of sixty pounds and finally my last set was 70lb for 5 reps.

I then did some front raises and side raises with 30lb dumbells for 6 reps and 4 sets.

Moving onto triceps I started with some narrow grip bench press at 8 reps x 130lb. Then I did 2 sets of 150lb and finally 10 reps of 130lb.

I then did 4 sets of 8 reps on the tricep push downs. This ranged from 60kg to 80kg (will check that)

Over head tricep bar extension was next with 10 reps and 4 sets of 50lb.

Lastly was some cable tricep extensions which started at 10kg for 8 reps and ended with 20kg per arm.

All in all it was a good workout. I had a few things against me tonight and one of them being a lck of sleep, kids.

C4 extreme seems to have had little effect tonight, which makes this a 1-1 at the moment between C4 and my frame of mind.


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