Cutting Phase

It’s time to cut!

Since starting the gym I have been strength training and to do so, I have been eating accordingly. Plenty of carbs, protein and good energy foods have been passing through me, mostlying healthy food. From Monday 13th I am going to start cutting. Lower weight, more reps, extra cardio day and 100% nutrition.

I’m going for a target of just one month for now. That should be enough to lose a little fat and ease stress of the joints.

I will post my stats Sunday. I will include my weight, body fat percentage and I will do the same one month after.

(Thanks to Jay for the calipers)

I think this is a bad idea at the moment. Why? Because I am making some good progress with what I’m doing at the moment. I think it’s wise for me to continue what I’m doing, until I hit a plateau.


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