New PB Squat 120kg


Tonights squats started off with just the bar (20kg) for 8 reps as a warm-up. Then I put 10kg on each end and carried out 8 reps. Moving up, I did 8 reps of 60kg, 5 reps of 80kg, 4reps or 100kg. Then I tried to beat my PB by a big 7.5kg giving a total of 110kg, with my previous best being 102.5kg.

I did three reps of this and felt that I needed to beat my personal best for a second time in 1 night. I knew I had one shot. Should i put 1.25kg on each side and just beat It, or do I go all out and add more. I added more, an extra 5kg per side making my new PB 120kg! I beat my old PB by a massive 17.5kg!!! (Anyone lifting weights, knows that 1kg over your PB is a lot)

Cracking night, despite the heat, food and all the other bits that get in the way.


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