Arm Mass (Pics)

When I started working out back in May 2010, my arms were skinny. I did well to lose weight and get healthy, but I was just thin.


Over the next year, working out at home, I started to very slowly put on a bit of muscle


January 1st 2012, 6 months after hitting the gym, I decided to measure my arms for future reference. My right arm was 14.5 inches pumped.


After 6 months, I measured the same arm in the same way after a pump and got 15.5 inches or should I say almost 16 inch?!

I have only been doing triceps and biceps once a week. Biceps on a Monday for 20 minutes and Triceps on a Wednesday for 20 minutes. I do enjoy my compound exercises and would like to say that they have helped me pack on muscle mass all over.

It’s a painfully slow process and if I hadn’t kept some sort of record of my progress, I would simply have given up by now. I find it hard to notice a change in myself, even though I’m stronger, I just don’t see it.

My latest photo was taken June 2012 and comparing it to my first picture, I can definitely see a change.


I know I have focused this blog specifically on arms, but that’s what I wanted to blog about. I have so much I want to blog, I just need time to get around to it.

There are no tips to gaining muscle, I found that out after the first year. The only thing you need to do is have a good nutritional diet and workout hard. (I’m still very new to it)

Gains come with pains…


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