Chest and Biceps

Monday nights are slow nights. Starting with benchpress, then incline press and finishing with cross cables. I managed to get 5 reps of 190lb which is very good for me whIch Is 1 rep closer to target of 8.

I did have a very disappointing moment when I attempted 220lb and failed it. I will be honest, I was gutted! I had to do it though, I knew I could. I gave myself a few minutes to compose myself and then I gave it my all. I did it, I had to do it! I walked away feeling good, knowing I put 100% into it and succeeded!

The rest of the night went well after that. I did a few 100lb warm up incline barbell sets and ended with 4 reps of 150lb.

Biceps was basic ez curls, standing dumbell curls, then finishing off with some cable curls. I am improving with my curls as I can rep 40lb dumbells with good form now.

Anyway, all in all, it was a good night.

Now to repair and prep for Wednesday…


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