Nutrition is something I find very difficult indeed. Living in a house with three kids makes it very hard not to have a quick munch here and there on some nice food. (luckily the wife has a very healthy diet so we can support one another)

Since I started my blog, I have paid 100% attention to my nutrition. I have had a staggered intake of protein, fruit and most importantly, no crap! I have even been having that bread with all the seeds and bits in, rather than white bread.

See, the thing is, I have a passion for weightlifting. I am still new to it, but I enjoy educating my mind with, what it takes to become a successful weightlifter. I know I can push my body in a new direction from what I have always been, chubby.

The key to being a successful weightlifter is nutrition, sleep and lifting weights. One of those things I can’t control, which is sleep, but the other two are down to me! I have run tests on my body over the last year. Some weeks I will constantly eat chocolate, crisps, bread and other simple foods and other weeks I will be as strict as possible eating greens, jacket spuds, meats etc.

What difference does it make?

The difference in my mental state and physical state is quite different to say the least! Eating the right foods and managing my intake, seriously helps me to get in the zone at the gym. Junk food just make me lethargic and usually makes me need the toilet more than anything else, not to mention putting on more excess fat.

How do I cope?

I now get around snacking on junk food in the week, by having my cheat day. Tomorrow morning I will be having a treat, a packet of Jaffa Cakes! I know Jaffa Cakes are great to eat before a workout as they are a good energy supply, but it’s another excuse to eat a bit of junk.

The whole point in having a cheat day, is so you can look forward to a treat at the end of the week. It works too! All you need to do is set your mind on that special treat. Pizza, chips, kebab, curry, whatever you want to eat, eat. Just remember to plan the day, don’t snack mid week!

Why do I care?

1/ I would like to lose fat to make my muscles more defined, but maintain my muscles mass at the same time.

2/ Setting an example to my children and encourage them to eat healthy.

3/ Because the majority of my family are fat obese.

4/ It’s a challenge for everyday life, it’s actually fun!

5/ It helps me with my busy lifestyle and to look after my work.

Why you telling us this crap?

More importantly, why are you reading this crap? You obviously have something inside you that needs to be ignited, to push you in a different direction or you wouldn’t have even clicked on a blog titled, nutrition. 🙂

There are two reasons I’m blogging this,

1/ I motivate myself to believe in the information I share.
2/ Rather than snacking, I’m typing.

I almost forgot to mention that I haven’t had any alcohol for well over 18 months now and I don’t miss it at all. My family know me for drinking, drinking was my thing. From an early age I used to get drunk and thought it was amazing, which it was back then. The big problem with this now, is that my family and friends know me for drinking, know me for drinking! What a shit bad thing to be known for.

I want to be remembered as that chap that followed his passion of getting strong and healthy. I will be that person…


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