This is something I will educate myself on in the near future, but as a friend of mine has asked for my opinions on steroids, I will try myvbest to do so.

What are steroids?

Steroids are a hormone that stimulates the body into growth, it also helps with recovery time.

What do they do?

Your body produces testosterone which is an hormone that helps the body develop. Taking steroids stops the body from natural creating hormones as it doesn’t need to make them as you’re getting them from elsewhere.

Are taking steroids cheating?

No. That’s my opinions. Taking steroids doesn’t make you bigger unless you work damn hard still pumping iron. Ok, it does help you gain mass aswell as aiding recovery times, but they still have to work hard. It also fills the muscles with water, giving the impression of a stronger body.

Would I take steroids?

No, I do it for enjoyment not competition. Taking steroids doesn’t make you stronger. I have many natural bodybuilding friends that know big steroid users and they can lift much more than them. When you come off steroids you need to do it gradually as the body has stopped producing it naturally. Coming off it too fast can kill you.

when is it ok?

It’s should never be ok, unless you are taking them to further your career and under strict doctors instructions.

For example, world class athletes can take them. It’s their lifes work and have the resources to help them use it correctly.

Idiots walking down the road showing off, illegally taking them just to go fetch dog food from the shop.

Profession = yes
Show off = no


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