Cutting Phase (Start 19/08/12-01/10/12)

Cutting phase… has started!

This is it, I have to drop some fat, get ripped, get more defined or whatever you want to call it and now is the right time.

I have been gaining weight and strength over the last year and now it’s time to try and cut the fat. As I pulled my back Friday, I need to take it steady at the gym for the next couple of weeks. As I won’t be trying to beat any records, I don’t need to take in so much food.

So how do I lose fat and keep muscle?

Protein is the building blocks of muscle. Therefore I will continue to have a good high protein, low fat diet.

More cardio will be on the schedule too, as this is the best way to get rid of that fat.

What will I eat?

Meat, fruit, vegetables, supplements, lots of water, complex carbs, scrambled egg whites, brown ricecand other foods alike.

What are complex carbs?

Complex carbs are foods made up or 3 or more sugars. These sugars are more rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, compared to simple carbs like white sugar. The body will digest complex carbs over a longer period of time, helping keep sugar levels down and energy levels steady.

Complex carbs are found in foods such as vegetables, whole meal bread and cereals.

I will be swapping white sugar for honey, white bread for seeded bread, crisps for fruit and so on.

How do you know if you are losing fat or muscle?

Skin fold callipers. (Thanks Jay)

By measuring a pinch of fat between,
·Your nipple and arm pit
·1 inch from your belly button
·between your knee and the top of leg

By knowing these 3 measurements, I can work out if I am losing fat or muscle. I will also need to check my bodyweight on weighing scales, to get a more precise overall reading. If my weight is dropping on the scales, my belly getting smaller, but my arms are getting bigger according to callipers, then this would be good.

I’m aiming for a smaller waist and the same size or bigger arms. (arms are used as an example)

Today’s skin fold results

Unfortunately my scales have packed up, so I will get my weight measured at the gym tomorrow night.

Scooby1961 has fantastic body fat calculator that is simple and free to use.


Blogging things like this help me reach my goals. I have to stick to what I say (unless I come across unforseen circumstances) as I will let everyone down that follows me and most importantly, I will let myself down!

Final thought

I think this is quite an exciting project, anyone following me will see my progress, I can track my progress and you can also be part of it.

It may seem a waste of time today, but it won’t be in a years time.

Setting goals and succeeding…

Update 24/08/12

My diet since Sunday has been perfect! The nutrition and portions I have been eating is much better than I anticipated. So far so good!


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