Fighting Healthy!

Fat food is everywhere!

I swear the supermarkets stock contains 90% of the foods with fat levels averaging between medium to high and the remaining 10% healthy.

I’m on a complete super strict diet whilst still eating the right nutrients, this is really difficult to overcome. Everywhere I go I see junk food advertised cheap. Sausage and chips with gravy for £2.50, beef burgers £1 and here’s the best…


A receipt from Argos!!!

How do we escape the advertisements for all this junk, unhealthy, high calorie, processed crap?


I have been on my diet for 3 days and already found a few things to replace my already nutritional diet. Beef Jerky has taken over as a snack. Sweet potato has taken over white baked potato. Water has replaced any coffee and so on.

The biggest problem with eating healthy is the cost of the food.

Here is an example of supermarket checkouts.



If it’s so bad then why is it in shops?

The key word to just about everything in life is moderation. You can eat and drink anything in moderation. Well, not anything, but for the purpose of this blog we can say that.


The easy way to make sure I eat healthy is to carry a packet of nuts with me. Not the ones covered in salt, just the natural ones with no added oils etc. Sounds a bit silly I know, but it saves having to find a place to eat that actually serves ready to eat healthy snacks.

(I have some good Vegan friends that take lactose free milk out with them, so they can still enjoy a tea without having to worry about the cafe having any)

Fruit is an excellent way to eat healthy and replace those crisps and chocolates. Bearing in mind that most fruits are usually covered in pesticides though.

Change brand

By comparing 2 brands of the same food (chicken in white sauce) I could cut down on salt and fat, whilst increasing the protein.

For example

Asda Smart Price


Asda Best


Ready to eat chicken

By cutting out the flavorings alone can boost nutrition.

Chicken tikka

Just chicken

I think the price differences is only pennies too.

Try new things

This is one thing I hate. I know what I like and usually eat the same things most days of the week, but I have now managed to stop this habit.

I’m not saying it was a bad habit, I just need to change my diet to lose weight. When I eat fats, they are good fats. Salt has been cut right down and also sugar in everything I eat.

When do I eat

Little and lots is my answer. I have 3 main meals a day and I snack on healthy food inbetween. Plenty of protein is in every meal I eat. Even when I have fruit I make sure I have a handful of nuts for that protein.

How do you know when it’s time to change your diet

Health issues


When reaching new goals.

What about low fat foods?

Just because you eat low fat foods does not mean it’s better for you in anyway at all. This is not the case with all foods, but I did a little research on certain products and it was quite scary.

In order to make the product less fatty the companies sometimes add chemicals, artificial flavorings and all manners of junk to compensate for what they remove.

Sugar is better than sweeteners as it’s natural, but honey is even better than sugar as it’s a natural complex sugar/sweetener.

Low fat milk can have most of the important parts of it taken out, just so it can have less fat. You need to research this yourself though, as its quite scary what some products do to make them less fatty.

A healthy diet is important to everyone, don’t bullshit you’re self into thinking you can eat a donut, just because you’re walking home.

What do I know about eating healthy?

Research and general common sense. The reason I am blogging this is down to the fact that I want to lose a bit more weight. The reason I’m taking it so serious is because I want to do it right. I want my body to have the fuel it needs and hopefully keep my strength.

Final thought

If you have read this blog then you are interested in something I have to say. So, here’s the deal.

I’m blogging about losing weight and you can follow me. My dead line of super strict eating is the 1st October. This will tell you if the diet I’m on is worth trying or if it’s a big waste of time.

Health… need I say anymore…


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