Here’s a quick look at calories. I used to be fooled into thinking that a lower calorie product is much healthier than a high calorie product. This is total nonsense!

Here are two examples…

This meal of chicken, sauce and three pieces of bread contains roughly 600 calories. That’s the same as a pizza! So why don’t I just eat a pizza? Simple, it’s all down to the nutrients given from each food. Fat, sugar, salt, protein and so on, all come into the overall calorie count. They may have the same calories, but I promise you they do not have the same nutrients.

Here is a simple example of calorie comparison in an everyday food, bread…
(Excuse the rush work, it’s not easy with a family)




Final thought

Calories don’t mean anything when comparing foods. You need to check the exact nutrition facts and also the ingredients.

Don’t get sucked into buying low calorie junk…


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