Motivation is one of the biggest problems when it comes to exercise. However, I have found some great ways to keep myself motivated for the gym and also prepare my mind after a stressful day.

What is so important about motivation?

Well, without the motivation to get off the couch and put your body through another strenuous workout, you obviously won’t get anything done. Quite simple really.

My motivation techniques.

My main motivation is my health.
When I go to the gym, I have to eat healthy and nutritious to recover and then prepare for my next workout. This means I have a good diet for the majority of the time.

Beating my current personal best. (PB’s)
Now this is one you can trick your brain into and it works very well for me. As I do several different exercises a week, I can have many different PB’s. These PB’s can range from a mega lift like the deadlift, or an extra rep on a triceps pushdown. By my mind experiencing that one extra bonus, my body gets triggered into a frenzy. This gets my blood pumping and feels great to say the least.

Change of routine.
Looking forward to something new can be a massive motivator! I was hyped up to the max to try clean and jerks when the Olympics were on. I was so focused on doing these right, that I spent a good amount or time researching the techniques. This is one of the best and exciting motivators that I know of.

My wife exercises.
After three children, my wife exercises as much as she can. Talking, watching and sharing the same fitness drive as my wife is incredible. We bounce off each others ideas and motivate one another constantly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger/Idols
Arnie is an idol of mine and he caught my attention when I was very young. His physique was spectacular and I always dreamt of a body like his. Yeah I know that sounds a little crazy, but watching one of his films or workout videos really gets me motivated!

Holidays, parties, group meetings etc
Looking forward to future activities is another massive motivator. Meeting up with old friends or looking forward to a holiday can give you the motivation you need. Impressing your mates or gaining a positive self concious mind when meeting new people, is what we all enjoy.

I was going down the road of being morbidly obese. I didn’t realise until one day I was simply too lazy to play with my kids, this had to change. I don’t want to be a dad that can’t play football with the kids, go on bike rides or even a walk. I also want my children to look up to me, what more of a motivator do I need?!

Social media.
This all started with a FaceBook page called FitnessWithFriends. Me, John, Steve, Paz, Luke, Paul and Matt. (Collectively known ad BAG) We always share knowledgable tips and general natter about exercise. These guys motivate me soo much! Friends are a good motivator as long as they support your interest.

Here’s an example. Last night I was brushing my teeth and in the mirror behind, I noticed some back muscles appearing. This felt extremely good and now I can’t wait to get back in the gym and work these muscles more!

What about on the day?

On the day of my workout is the worst time for motivation, unless I have a goal. I often find that ‘feeling good’ is a simple motivator.

Here’s how I get myself feeling good…
Have a shave
Trim my hair
Have a bath
Brush my teeth
This may sound stupid to some, but I find that feeling good makes me do good. It’s back to that, ‘whatever does it for you’, quote again.

Writing my blog
Watching video
Talking to friends
Visualising my workout
Are a few others good motivators.

How do you stay motivated?

Set new goals, change your workout, change your diet and observe people around you. This is how I stay motivated. I have a goals page which I will reach in the not so distant future. Once I hit these goals I will then set other goals.

Final thoughts

Life is far too short to be bothering about wishing what you should have done. Get the hell up… and reach that goal!!!


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