Friday Nights Workout 24/08/12

After pulling my lower back muscles Deadlifting the week before, I knew I had to change things around tonight. I was planning on working my back and legs and so here’s what I did and how it went.


I started with wide, rear grip lat pulldowns on the cable machine. I carried out 3 sets ranging from 60kg to 100kg and then a last set on the pull up bar for more intensity.

Narrow grip pull ups next. Starting on the machine at 100kg for 1 set, then the pull up bar for 1 set and finishing on the seated cable pull down machine for 2 sets 110-120kg.

I then did parallel pull downs wide grip for four sets. These ranged from 60kg to 100kg.

Cable row was my second from last set for my back tonight. Again I did four sets, ranging from 40-80kg (I think)

Bent over 1 arm rows finished of my back session. Three sets of 60lb dumbells for 8 reps and a forth set of 70lb for 8 reps.


Seated angled leg press, for four sets 8-10 reps ranging from 120kg- 250kg (+ incline resistance)

Calf raises finished my leg session. Again four sets of 120kg for 8-10 reps.


10 minutes on the punch bag got me drenched in sweat and trying to catch my breath. Fantastic heavy breather before going home.

How did tonight go?

Very good, energy levels were up, the change was good and everything felt comfortable. I’m hoping to get back on deadlifts next week, but I will have to start very light again, just to make sure I’m ok.

There are always something else you can do…


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