Chest and Biceps 27/08/12

Tonight was going to be different, but how? For starters I have changed my diet massively and also stopped having pre-workout supplements for this week. To be fair though, it went good!

I started of with the bench press as usual and managed to do 8 reps of 130lb, 150lb, 170lb and only 3 reps of 190lb. This just felt like a massive chore to be fair and I did feel a bit dis-heartened as I started to blame my diet.

Next up was incline dumbbells bench press. Now this is where my night changed for the best. I started with cleaning to chest and incline pressing 60lb dumbells for 8 reps, 70lb for 8 reps and then stepped into an unfamiliar territory. I decided to try out the 80lb dumbells which went well, I managed 5 reps of these and then did a final 3 reps with the 90lb dumbbells just to finish off.

2 sets of 40lb dumbbells flat bench flys and 2 sets of cable flys finished off my chest workout for this week.


Biceps again went well. I started with standing Ez bar 20kg( + bar) for 8 reps then went up in stages to 30kg (+ bar) for 6 reps.

Standing curls is getting easier now, I really used to struggle with 40lb dumbells, but tonight they felt comfortable. I even tried a set of 20kg, which was uncomfortable, but I’m not too far off them.

Standing cable curls felt good also. Starting with 8 eps of 15kg and moving up to 25kg on my 4th set.


So to conclude tonight, it went very well. With my diet change and no C4 pre-workout supplement, I did just as good as I would have any other night. I just hope this keeps up!


It’s not the weight you lift, but how you lift it…


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