One Week Healthy Eating

Today concludes my first completed week of my healthy diet. This week I have had no junk at all, nothing! I’m still eating to maintain muscle, but any junk has been cut out. As well as products swapped for healthier alternatives.

My stats today should be the same as last week in theory. I will still post them as I want it for my record. For the next 5 Sundays, I am hoping to have a body fat analysis as well as my skin fold caliper tests. If you haven’t read my previous blog about my fat loss challenge, click here.


Stomach – 37 Inches


1 thought on “One Week Healthy Eating

  1. Keep going dude, you’re doing great. You’re not struggling with it too much at the moment and after your first week that’s a positive result.
    I’m looking to incorporate more veg into my diet and less rice, pasta and bread… difficult at first glance, and expensive… but I have to give it a go.

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