Masturbation/Sex and Bodybuilding

WARNING – If you are uncomfortable or against masturbation or sex for whatever reason, then please do not read this blog!

This has been a very serious topic for me and I have been wondering how ejaculation affects my strength and gains in the gym.

My first and most honest opinion with sex and bodybuilding Is that you must put sex first, no matter what! Sex is a very good exercise and it releases a lot of tension, don’t even think twice about stopping it when you can have it. Especially if you have a busy life and kids. Just do it!

Secondly, I don’t feel that sex hinders strength in any way, as long as its not directly before the gym. This is simply because it relaxes you and you don’t want to go in the gym already feeling tired.

Masturbation can be different to sex. The reason I say this, is simply because it’s not as tiring as sex. Let’s be honest, sex is much more of a cardio exercise than masturbation, much more muscles are involved, which turns it into a good all round exercise.

My findings

I have tried to study this over the last 6 months and my findings are all over the place. I was trying to get a good Deadlift at the gym and so I stopped myself from any sort of sexual activity until I had been to the gym. This was usually around 7 days. Other times I didn’t care and had sexual activity within 24 hours of the gym. Nothing noticeably changed between going a while and having it shortly before a workout. It may matter to world class athletes, but it certainly doesn’t make much, if any, difference to me.

After repeated tests over the last year or so, I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed a difference at all. My problem is more to do with sleep and diet rather than ejaculation.

Technical bit

Ejaculation will not drain all of the protein from your body as sperm contains approximately 5g of protein. A body builder should consume 1g of protein per pound of body weight, so 5g from 200g is not much. This means that it will not affect you much at all. However it may drain your BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) these are what make up 30% of the human body and help with recovery and muscle growth. As long as your diet is full of nutrition, I can’t see this being a problem with the everyday weight lifter. Again, world class athletes would have a very different opinion on this matter, I’m sure.

Let’s be honest, that 5g of protein doesn’t have to go to waste. As it’s rich in protein, your partner may consider using it to benefit your partners diet… (think about it)

Why are you telling us this?

I’m quite sure that everyone that takes weightlifting serious has thought this through many times. I bet you have even stopped yourself just to try and make gains. The reason I am blogging this, is because it’s a serious question. We all want to progress in the gym and will do what it takes to get there. Whether it being, supplements, steroids or ejaculation, we want to make gains all the time.(I only take supplements)

My advice

If you are lucky enough to have a sexual partner then great, have all the sex you want, as long as it’s not right before the gym. I would also say the same with masturbation.

I would also advice a good session straight after the gym, as it releases a ton of testosterone that can give the body a boost of muscle growth, during that period.

Beat that meat


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