Fuel to Burn

I guess it’s common sense that your body requires enough fuel to work efficiently, so why not power it up, when going to the gym?

Lowering my food intake, fats and calories, has made me very week and lethargic at the gym. Monday night was such a bad night, that I drasticly needed to sort my diet out. I’ve worked out that an extra 1500 calories a day would be sufficient to maintain my weight, aposed to the 1500 I was having before.

I got home Monday night and worried myself about how to eat more calories. I had got myself in to such an healthy eating mind, that I forgot how to eat junk food. It was sort of scary and upsetting to be honest, as I was doing so well losing the weight.

Anyway, Tuesday morning and onwards, I have been forcing as much food down my neck as possible. I still eat well, but I’m trying to throw some treats into the mix. The big question was still about the gym though, would I feel better. Hell yeah, I felt better!

Hitting the gym tonight (13/09/12) was such a buzz! Knowing that I had a ton of extra calories to burn and also knowing I have enough fuel in my body, gave me a strong mind. I killed the weights, even though my strength is down, I still pushed so hard in every lift and it felt good. My body felt like it could push past that limit that I have been stopping at recently.

I needed more calories and I’m now forcing them down me. I know I won’t get fat with the exercise I do and the food I eat, I will just get more powerful. How exciting is it knowing that i can eat more food and not having to worry about putting excessive fat on!

Powerlifting is what I want to do, strength is my only option


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