Bench Press

My bench press has been seriously poor since cutting my food intake. It has dropped from 225lb max to 200lb max. It’s not just my top end that has dropped in weight though, as my reps have also dropped by at least 2 per set.

Over the last week, I have tried to have a good supply off food going into my body. I have also changed my protein, started back up with creatine and even added a new pre-workout supplement.

So how has this changed things?

I seem to have gained my strength back for starters. My strength just seemed good tonight and I felt in control of the weights.

Here’s how it went…

I started with the 10 reps of 130lb, 8 reps of 150lb, 5 reps of 170 and then the following…

3 reps of 190lb

2 reps 205lb

1 reps 220lb

5 reps 174lb

That was enough of that for one night.

I’m just happy that I have got my head back into it tonight. I needed to get rid of all those negative thoughts and I have.

Small steps, go a long distance… 


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