Monday Night Workout (Magic Combo)

WOW! That is exactly, how I want to start this blog post…

I have been eating double the calories, compared to what i was eating a few weeks ago, as well as changing my supplements around. I have been taking a new creatine (Storm), pre-workout supplement (Jack3d) and a new protein powder ( ON 100% gold). I think these three supplements added together, are my special mix. Tonight has been simply amazing…

Why was it amazing?

It just felt incredible! Strength, focus and recovery were all good. It’s been a while since I have had this type of workout and I know it’s down to the supplements.

What did I do?

Bench press (flat)

130lb x 10
170lb x 5
190lb x 4
210lb x 2
220lb x 1
225lb x1 (new PB)

Dumbbell flat bench

60lb x 8
70lb x 8
70lb x 8

Incline bench press


60lb x 8
70lb x 7
80lb x 5
70lb x 8


100lb x 7
110lb x 6
120lb x 6
120lb x 6

Cable flies

50kg x 8
50kg x 8
60kg x 8
60kg x 8


Ez bar curls

30kg x 8 x 4

Dumbbell curls

40lb x 6 x 4

Cable curls

40kg x 8 x 4

And that was it. The pump I felt when leaving the gym was crazy!

Focused, determined, craving, gaining…


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