Do You Need A Spotter?

Are spotters important?

It depends on the exercise you are doing. If you are out of your comfort zone, or want to give 100% on an exercise, then yes, they are extremely important.

What do they do?

The idea is to make sure that the person lifting the weight, doesn’t injure themselves. They can help you balance, take the weight of you, make sure you are safe and encourage you.

Do you need a spotter?

If you are on cable machines or using some sort of a safety harness/rack, then no. Another reason for not needing spotters, is if you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Having spotters means you can push as hard as you physically possible, whilst knowing you are safe throughout the exercise.

Here’s a classic example of me going for a new PB…

I didn’t need to worry, as the lads were there to watch me and help if I needed it, which I did. Without spotters I would have gave up 30lb ago.

….more soon…


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