Feeling Rough and Working Out

(14:00 Friday 28th)

Unfortunatly, it happens to us all. Things are looking up at the gym, gains are being made, mind is in control of the body and then you come down with a silly cold or bug. Gutting!

Well, I feel a tad rough today. A very bad night with kids being poorly and a slightly hazy head, means that tonight should be bad. I’m still going to the gym, doing my normal procedure before hand and I will still push as hard as I can.

I could easily stay at home tonight and relax, but that would be pathetic. If I had a night off the gym everytime I felt a tad poorly, achy, tired or any other ‘lazy’ symptom, then I would never be at the gym.

I have to get it together and push those weights!


Fantastic, focused and heavy night tonight. Really glad that I went to the gym, as I could have missed out on a killer session!!!

Drop the excuses and lift the weight…


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