Mega Night (01/10/12)

Tonight was a great night for gains…

I managed to get 5 reps of 190lb, 3 reps of 205lb and a single rep of 230lb. All these are new personal bests (PB) for me.

Barbell bench press

130lb x 8
150lb x 8
170lb x 8
190lb x 5
205lb x 3
230lb x 1

Incline dumbells

60lb x 8
70lb x 8
80lb x 6
90lb x 2 (PB)

Incline Barbell

130lb x 8
154lb x 8
170lb x 6 (new PB)
190lb x 1 (new PB)

Cable flyes

30kg x 8 x 4

Ez Bar Curls

30kg x 8 x 2
35kg x 8 x 2

Dumbbell Curls Standing

40lb x 6 x 4

Cable Curls

Drop sets (per arm)

20kg x 8
15kg x 6
10kg x 6
5kg x 14

Tonight was just special, having those sort of gains feels good!


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