Too Little too Late?

I often ask myself if I have left it too late to weightlift, as I am nearly 28. Here is how I look at it…

I have always been facinated with muscular physiques from a very early age. WWE (WWF back then) was where I first noticed a strong body. Growing up with the likes of The Ultimate Warrior and Hullk Hogan, I dreamt of growing up like them one day.

I was around 13 when I first picked up a weight. I had a cheap second hand multi-gym in my parents back yard. I used it occasionaly, but I didn’t understand the philosophy behind it all.

When I hit 16, I joined a leisure center gym in Aldersly Wolverhampton and I also used the gym at school, during my free lessons. I did, what I thought, ‘very well’. I was going daily, working out hard. But I never uderstood nutrition and I only did the gyms posing muscles, biceps and chest. I never understood the anatomy of the human body.

I would usually have a good workout and then reward myself with 6 pints of larger and a kebab.

So, the above was my wasted teenage years as a weightlifter. I spent it on the beer and enjoying my life as a young one.

At the age of 19, I met my future wife, moved home, became a dad and had a full time job, life was very hectic at this time.

There was a weightlifter at work who went to the gym on his dinner hour and so I tagged a long on a Friday, again, another lost cause. I had people telling me that I couldn’t do it and I would always be fat.

Moving onto present day, with three children, a wife, a house 100 miles away from my home town. I have finally hit a time in my life where I know my role. We have decided not to have any more children, at least for a good few years, and so I can fianlly conquer another dream.

I’m glad that I have my life settled now and I can settle into the gym. I have tried in the past and failed, I needed to get the more important things in my life before I concentrated on myself.

I am now one year into serious weightlifting, although I have to work around the family. I am just happy that I can now focus on keeping fit and set a good example to my children.

My passion for weightlifting is immense. I eat, sleep and do weightlifting, it keeps me mentaly strong when life gets tough.

I had a dream and now I’m living it…

(I often talk as if I have been lifting for years. I have been lifting for over 2 years, but only for the last 16 months I have taken it very serious)


4 thoughts on “Too Little too Late?

  1. Nice post. The early years sound very familiar as I did exactly the same myself!

    Sad to say the last time I was in a gym (after reading and understanding how the science/proper way of it works) was about 3 years ago. After a few weeks into it, I buckled myself up in one session and took a week off to recover. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never made it back yet.

    Instead of excuses of being tired, family, no time, etc. Maybe it’s time I started to look for reasons how I can.

    Great read again and you’re never to old – you just get wiser…

    • Thank you for the reply. Its quite obvious your heart is wanting too, as you wouldn’t have read or commented here. Maybe you just need that spark. the first month is a killer with muscle aches, but I promise you it will be worth it. I only do 3 hours a week and I have made many gains. You can fit an hour in 3 times a week.

      Do it!!! 🙂

  2. Nicely written fella, i don’t think its ever to late to make dramatic changes to ones life, we are ever changing, ever evolving beings after all,…..

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