My Supplement Progress Update (Jack3d + Storm + Protein)

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have started taking some different supplements.

These supplements are as follows;

100% Optimum Nutrition (choco mint) Protein
Jack3d pre workout supplement
Universal Storm Creatine

I take the supplements as follows;

Protein is taken before breakfast everyday, two hour before a workout and one before bed on a gym night.

Jack3d is taken 30-45 minutes before workout.

Storm is taken before breakfast when it’s not a gym day or straight after a gym session.

And double the food intake from when I was dieting a few weeks back.

Has it made a difference?

In just two weeks, I have made some good gains in the bench press. Going from 3 reps of 190lb and a max of 220lb for one rep, to 5 reps of 190lb and a max of 230lb for one rep. My squat has increased by 7.5kg to a new personal best of 130kg.

I certainly wouldn’t say that I feel more energetic at the gym. I still hit fatigue as I always have done. I just feel that I have more power to lift heavier, as if my mind is more focused on what I can do.

I will update you more in the near future…


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