Accomplishments and Goals (2012-2013)

What do you want to gain from going to the gym? I want to be HUGE!

I love the above question and answer, as it is just a generic and silly reply to what is a sensible question. Here is a short list of what I was hoping to gain in 2012 and also what I hope to achieve in 2013. I will also add my dreams, which I will achieve one day.

My aims for 2012;
To bench press 220lb for 1 repetition. (Accomplished at 230lb)
To bench press 8 reps of 190lb (currently 5)

To Deadlift 4 plates per side, 180kg (Accomplished)
To Deadlift 400lb. (Accomplished a 407lb lift)

To squat 100kg (Accomplished 135kg with 5 reps of 100kg)

To power clean 50kg (Accomplished 80kg)

To incline bench press 100lb dumbells (currently 90lb)


250lb bench press

200kg Deadlift

Dips 8 reps of 30kg

Power clean 100kg

Squat 150kg

Incline bench press 100lb dumbbells 4 reps

Standing shoulder press 80kg


To contend in a competition of strength, not to win, but just to take part as a contestant.

315lb bench press for one rep.

Squat 400lb

18inch arms in proportion to my body. (I never want big arms, big chest and skinny ass legs and weak back)

To continue my blog showing my progress, education and promote my own brand.

To take part in the running of a gym. (Running the book would be good enough)

To workout with my son. (He’s only one at the moment)

To organise a weightlifting competition and record it.

To push harder before I get much older.

I need to make sure I set yearly goals that are achievable. I want to make sure I am in control of my body fat and know exactly when my body is ready for cutting and building.

This is a page that I can look back at in 1,2,5,20 years time. One years ago, I would have thought the above would have been impossible.

My main goal is to make sure that I keep it up for the rest of my life!


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