Tonight Was One Of Those Nights…

When It All Come Together

I go to the gym for four reasons. One is to get stronger, two is to keep fit, three is to inspire my family, four is the buzz. Tonight was one of those nights when I noticed things are changing with my body. My aim is to hit 190lb for 8 reps on the bench press and I have now hit 6 reps. Not only did this feel good physically, but mentally, it felt right too.

Tonight was chest and a bit of biceps. I matched my personal best incline barbell press at 190lb easy and almost had a 200lb. Hitting a 190lb again was excellent, so almost getting a 200lb is outstanding. I will have a 200lb by the end of the year and I will also have my 8 reps of 190lb flat bench press.

Things are coming together, and I’m getting much closer to my short term goals. I will keep pushing weights, keep eating plenty of food and I will keep making gains.

Determination is the factor…


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