The Making of…

…a workout DVD.

I have always enjoyed making videos for youtube, shooting still pictures, editing movies as a hobby. Now I have finally found something to shoot and edit that really interests me. I have talked the gym into making a remake of the DVD from 20 years ago. I was really inspired after watching the DVD from 1990, especially as one of the guys didn’t have a child back then… now he is 20, been working out for 5 years and has a fantastic muscular physique. Something I have dreamt about doing with my children, since I was a child myself.

Over the next 8 weeks, I will be gathering shots from the members pumping iron in a natural form. No steroids, no preparation and a genuine look at a good community.

Night 1 went really well as no one was prepared for the cameras and so I had to explain as we went along. Everyone was a good sport though and contributed as much as they could.

My aim for this DVD is to fulfil another dream that I can look back on in the future and remember how much I love lifting weights and to show my children when they grow up.

Here’s a very short clip showing part of the recording. Nothing is final with the clips yet, I will have hours of footage to pick apart and use by the end of the shooting. (I have only included me as it’s my blog)

The past is the outcome for the future…


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