The Gym and Stress

Today has been a very stressful day. The littlest things have been bugging me and getting me down. I woke up last night with a pounding headache and I have had that all day, right up until gym time. I went to the gym with a bad vibe, but after a few sets of bench press, everything started feeling good. For some reason, the bench press felt like pushing air. It felt really good and not heavy compared to how it has been the last few weeks.

My reps were high and I also hit a new personal best of 230lb easy tonight. This is something I have been aiming for, for quite a while. I wasn’t expecting much tonight and it turned out to be a great night. Headache, stress and time were against me, but my gym session I just feel great. All my stress has gone, I don’t have a headache and I just feel really good!

All I need to do now is get my diet back on track, after last weeks sickness bug, I have been eating junk… It has been great!!! Now it’s time to cut back on the crap…

Winter power…


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