Do Pre-workout Supplements Work…

… for me?

(I wrote this a few weeks back and kept it private until I could give a better opinion on it)

I would like to say yes, but that wouldn’t be completely true. I can have a great night at the gym if Im in a good mood, without any pre workout supplements at all. Sometimes I go to the gym loaded with weeks worth of supplements to find that my head isn’t in the right place and therefore, I have a bad night.

Im convinced that the majority of doing well and being focused is down to the frame of mind you are in before hand. If Im tired or depressed I will have a bad night. It doesn’t matter if I am loaded with creatine or Jack3d, my night will go depending on my food and sleep, not on what Im supplementing with.

I will update this again in the future, but as for now… I wouldn’t believe the hype.

It’s all in the head… isn’t it?


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