‘Our Ray’

(This is a personal post that I need to write for an outlet)

Today has been one crazy day…

It was Uncle Rays funeral today and so we ventured off down to Wolves to pay our last respects and blessings. We decided to take the 2 girls to school today and just take the boy with us. We dropped the girls off at our friends house at 8.15am and headed straight to my dads where we would meet up before the funeral commenced.

The funeral was 11.30 and we knew that there where a good few miles of road works on the way so we planned ahead for that. We got to Wolves at a pleasant 10.30, which gave us time to compose and take the flowers to his flat where the hearse would be leaving from. Visiting his flat for one last time was difficult. His brother, sister, nephew, niece and other friends and relatives were there. I looked at the chair that he last sat in when I spoke to him, I immediately remembered him telling me that I looked well compared to how I was a few years ago. This shook me a bit, emotions started showing and a few tears shed. There was a million things going through my mind, but this is one that I need to hold on to, very tight!

We dropped of the flowers and headed to Bushbury cemetery, which is where he was being laid to rest. This was my first funeral that I had been to and I wasn’t sure how I was going to take it, especially as it was Uncle Ray. We were standing by the west entrance whilst we were waiting for the hearse. A few minutes later the hearse pulled up and the coffin was inside. Things started to hit home and emotions kicked into a different gear. A few more minutes later and we were inside the room whilst the vicar was carrying out the ceremony. A few names were mentioned in the speech which just made those people tear up and the tears flooding out. Once again my emotions started going crazy and I couldn’t hold my tears in anymore.

Just after the speech was done, the curtains were drawn, the coffin had gone and that will be the last time I would ever be able to see where he was. His song that played him out was ‘Chubby Checker – Let’s Twist Again’. I saw his sister slightly moving as she was feeling that good vibe that was needed just then. I was so close to grabbing her and having a little dance, yeah that sounds crazy, but Ray was a fun guy. If he could, he would strike me for not doing so.

Soon after we went and had a quick look at the flowers and said hello to a few people before going to the wake. Just before going to the wake, I rang my nan to wish her a very happy birthday. We went to the wake for half hour and shared some funny moments from all stages of his life. As my dad was very close to him, he had to share stories that only kids do. I must admit, the atmosphere was great, cheerful folk, great spread and most of all, getting to meet family that I don’t get to see as much as I would like too.

As soon as we left here we had to pick up our son and travel 100 miles to pick the girls up from school. Luckily, our friends had just picked the girls up and we met them whilst they were walking home. (Thanks you pair, you wouldn’t know how much easier you have made today)

So now it was 3:30 and it had been a roller coaster of a day. I wanted to go to the gym tonight, I was in a good frame of mind. I know I had been to a funeral, but it all went well. I’d cried out all the pain for today and so I had to continue with my passion.

For some reason, I managed to have a very good night at the gym. I managed 2 reps of 220lb and 1 rep of 235lb. My max before was 1 rep of 220lb and a max of 230lb. I also got a 200lb incline bench press and attempted a 210lb, but failed. My previous best incline was 190lb for one rep.

Today has been a great day, Uncle Ray must be watching over me. It has been an extremely emotional day, but at the same time, it has all gone smooth. It was great meeting everyone again, it’s just a shame that it takes something bad to happen for everyone to get together.

Anyway, that’s enough for me tonight.

Peace and love to all the family.

x x x


(New years eve 1999 going through to 2000. Cherished moment.)

Rest in Peace Uncle Ray, We Will Twist Again One Day!


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