Bench Press Change

My bench press is going well this year. My aim was to get a one rep of 220lb by the end of 2012, I have done that now and also managed a one rep of 235lb. I have hit 220lb for two reps on a couple of occasions and I have been advised to change things around a little.

Here’s how the next few months will go…

Warm up sets
130lb x 8
150lb x 8
170lb x 6
190lb x 4

And here’s the special part

200lb x 3
200lb x 3
200lb x 3

That’s my aim for the next few months. Once I have got this nailed, I will move on to 210lb for 3 reps and 3 sets.

Sounds simple and it will be effective, as well as a shock to my system.

I will update this at Christmas and see how my body is coping with the changes.

Change it up and build it up…


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