Diet and Strength

I have heard many people use the expression, ‘eat big get big’ and I always though, ‘eat big get fat’…

A few months back, I went on a strict diet of high protein and low fat. I did this for just a few weeks and I lost a good few pounds, but the consequences was losing a hell of a lot of strength. Which made it pointless for me.

Now it is officialy Xmas, I am eating what I like. Plenty of junk food is going in my system, although I do eat good food to help my body to still recover after a workout.

Since eating more calories, my strength has gone up quite significantly in each exercise and my focus seems much better. I have put on roughly half a stone in one and a half months and that is good. New year I will cut my calorie intake down a little bit, just to maintain the weights.

It’s simply not worth me cutting at the moment as I still don’t have enough muscle mass to make it worth while. I will cut when I have a good foundation under the fat. As for now though, all is going well and that’s all I need to know.

Food is strength…


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