I did It…

This year I had an aim to hit 220lb flat bench press for one rep and I achieved that a few weeks back. I then sat down and decided that my next goal was to rep 190lb for 8 reps. I have now achieved that! 

Tonight was one of those rare and great nights. Not only did I hit my own goal of 190lb for 8 reps, I also managed a 240lb bench press too. 

I then hit the incline barbell and started with 130lb for 8 reps, 172lb for 8 reps. 186lb for 6 reps, 200lb for one rep (which was my personal best) and then easily did a 206lb for one rep. I tried 2 reps, but failed that.

So, my last real session this year ended in three new PB’s.

  • 240lb max bench press
  • 190lb for 8 reps
  • 206lb incline bench press

I also found the 40lb dumbbells relatively light tonight and the 50lb’s felt much lighter too.

All in all it was a great night, these nights don’t happen often, so when they do, ENJOY!



I’m doing something right…



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