Year End, New Goals

This year has been a great year for working out. I have had some great gains as well as putting on a good stone.

I have progressed In every field at the gym. My benchpress, squats, dead lifts, press, dips, curls, pull downs and so on have increased dramatically from last year.

Here’s how my year has ended;
Bench press 240lb (109kg)
Deadlift 418b (190kg)
Squat 313lb (142.5kg)
Power clean 176lb (80kg)
One arm standing curl 50lb x 6
Incline bench press 206lb (93kg)
Seated shoulder press 165lb (75kg)
Dips 44lb x 6 (20kg)
Clean and jerk 154lb (70kg)
Front pull downs 286lb x 6 (130kg)
Lat pull downs 220lb x 8 (100kg)
Bent owner t-bar row 130lb x 6 (60kg)
Narrow grip press 150lb x 8 (68kg)

March 2012…
Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.40.43

I think that is about all the exercises that matter at the moment. I will update it as I remember any of the others, although skull crushers and triceps extensions are exercises that are just finishing exercises and not really power exercises.

This week I have set some new personal bests in the biggest exercises that matter to me;

8 reps of 190lb bench press
240lb max on bench press
206lb incline bench press
418lb Deadlift
313lb squat

What a great week. How I did not have a nose bleed or pass out on the squat is beyond me. I have never felt so focused and determined to try my hardest on anything else that I can remember. I managed to close my last real week of the year on an extreme positive.

I said on my blog when I started it that I would show results and I have not failed in the slightest. Next year the gains will slow up, but I will continue to push forth.

Lets look forward to dropping some body fat in the spring and enjoying some bodybuilding.

Happy Xmas to my followers and all the best for the new year

You can’t achieve anything by doing nothing…


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