February Mind Set.

January was a difficult month for me and I think just about everyone was in the same boat as me. The build up to Xmas was brilliant and then the massive come down when it’s all done and dusted, is a bugger.

Just yesterday, I was typing about how negative I felt toward the gym and lifting weights. Whilst typing It, I started to wind myself. There and then I decided to do some sit-ups as planed for Sundays and it felt great!

Today is another day though, so how does it feel?                       Brilliant!

I have focused on nothing but tonights session and giving it my all. I can be honest and say it worked too. I knew I had to have a good night tonight, I was determined to do so, and so I did what I needed to do. My focus, as well as stamina was the best it has been for weeks.

I feel good tonight, I achieved what I set out to do. I still hate my genetics and the way my muscles grow though. For instance, my biceps are getting stronger and I can curl 50lb without too much trouble. The issue is the way my bicep is growing. Rather than it peaking or even starting too, it actually goes much wider. Is this an issue? Will it sort it’s self out? Only time will tell and I have my thoughts here to look back on.

No more negative thinking now, summer is coming up and this is one of the things it is about. 

Fat cutting soon…


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