Wednesday 06 2013 (Back and Triceps) 192.5kg

I have my mind set on February to push as hard as physically possible at the gym. I’m prepared to push past the pain boundary and rip my muscle to shreds. Well, that’s the plan anyway..

Tonight I started with deadlifts which went as follows;

  1. 60kg x8
  2. 80kg x8
  3. 100kg x 6
  4. 120kg x 6
  5. 160kg x 3
  6. 180kg x 1
  7. 192.5kg x 1 (New Personal best by 2.5kg)


On my final deadlift, I was already battered. I wanted it so bad though! I strapped up, gripped the bar and then faffed around trying to get the focus, It just wasn’t there though. So I tried another technique which is one of my favourites to prepare my mind for heavy lifting. This technique I call the ‘numb nut’ (made that up just now) this is when I am just about to start the lift, I then look in the mirror and call myself just about all the hateful and hurtful things I can think of. I try to wind myself up whilst breathing, then grip that bar for dear life and began to pull straight up the legs.

No one was next to me ready for help if needed, although I know a guy was in the room next door and was watching me in the mirror. Half way through the pull, I struggled, bad. I had the option of giving up and putting it down, or risking a black out if I carried on the lift. I knew I wasn’t far from blacking out, as I could feel my body tingling and packing up. I focused, screamed and pulled with everything I had left in me. I did it! 192.5kg lift and on my way to my big goal of 200kg.

Then I moved on to the rest of my back workout… ( all 6-8 reps with 4 sets each)

Front lateral wide grip pull downs, narrow grip pull downs, wide grip ‘D’ bar pull downs, T bar bent over rows and shrugs.

Triceps were last…

Skull crushers straight into light narrow grip press, then narrow grip bench press (maxed at my new PB of 170lb x 4), front tricep extensions and finishing with rear tricep over head extensions.

Each week I alternate narrow grip bench with dips.

Fight the fear…


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