When I Look Back…

I was 100% focused on getting a new PB bench press tonight and it went wrong. I’m still learning though and from this, I now know where I went wrong.

Here’s what I did…

  •  130lb x 8
  • 150lb x 8
  • 170lb x 8
  • 190lb x 6
  • 210lb x 2
  • Here’s where I went wrong and I need to explain it to myself for future reference.
  • I went from 210lb straight to 250lb. This is 10lb heavier than my PB and 40lb heavier than my last set. I MUST one rep in-between of 230lb to ease myself into it!
  • 220lb to finish

220lb is my biggy and if I hit that,I’m happy.

That’s all I need to blog for now and when I look back in a years time, I will understand my progress better.


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