Changes… (02/03/2013)

I spent 2 years casually losing the fat, then I got speaking to John and he inspired me to lift weights. For the first year I worked out at home and didn’t have a clue about nutrition. I always ate stuff like pasta and other high carb stuff, but never protein.

This picture on the left is nearly 3 years old. I can be fair with myself though and say that the first year and half was pointless as I didn’t understand the principles of weightlifting/bodybuilding. I have spent many hours since, researching and understanding the anatomy of the body, to help my body recover and grow.

I can also say that I started the gym 2 weeks before Joshua was born and he has slept for less than 10 solid nights in the 18 months he has been here. So sleep is a no go and that is equally as important as working out. (and nutrition)

I enjoy what I do, I am making strength gains, I’m happy with my progress, I feel good, I am slowly changing.

3 years

I am dropping the fat right now, it will be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am trying to lose half a pound or a pound maximum per week. I dropped a ton of fat the end of last year and I also lost a lot of strength. I have learnt by that mistake.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…


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