Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey and MyProtein

I have never tried ON 100% Whey Cookies and Cream before. I have had and liked the ON  100% Chocolate Mint though…

The cookies and cream by ON leaves a nasty coffee like taste in your mouth afterwards, although it is still an ok taste overall. The mix ability is excellent with ON as it is a really fine compound rather than the MyProtein which is quite thick and clumped together.

MyProtein                                                                      Optimum Nutrition 100%


MyProtein has a much better taste than ON, as well as it actually tasting like cookies and cream rather than coffee.

I enjoy having a scoop in the morning on my cereal and I find that the thicker of the two ‘MyProtein’ is much better as it sticks to the cereal, rather than falling through the cereal and ending up as a clump at the bottom of the bowl.

ON does mix much better in a glass, although they both mix fine in a shaker.

Nutrition wise…

25 gram servingScreenshot (20)


30 gram serving

Screenshot (21)


I’m not going to compare the two on ingredients as I am not qualified too, nor do I understand the ingredients well enough to explain them. All I will say is, ON gives me good gains over time, where as MyProtein tastes much better. I mix them through the week now and enjoy it that way.

A supplement is a supplement of food for when you can’t gain access to a nutritious meal. Never have a protein shake over a piece of lean meat.

1g of protein for 1 gram of body weight…


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