R.I.P Joe Weider (1920 – March 23, 2013)


Arguably the most iconic name in the Bodybuilding industry has passed away. News has just come in on Twitter and it is very upsetting. I was watching ‘Evolution of Bodybuilding’ and it tells a short story about Joe Weider and how he started the Mr Olympia with his brother Ben and how it changed the way Bodybuilding as sport that was now going to go mainstream.

Whilst reading Arnies autobiography, Total Recall, it tells the story of how Joe believed in him and supported him to fame. (The reason I mention Arnie specifically, is the simple fact he’s my idol) Joe is an icon, a legend and a solid name in Bodybuilding. He was also the co founder of the International Federation of Bodybuilding with his brother.

Joe also published many famous magazines, one of them being Flex. (My personal favourite magazine)

I know for a fact that this will be an upsetting week for the lads at my gym as the guy have posters and workout charts that Joe did many years ago. They certainly talk highly of him and what he did to this sport.

For the 92 years he has been on this earth, he has accomplished so much and influenced so many people.

R.I.P Joe Weider and thank you for all you have done!


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