Maximuscle Ultimate Bench with Flye Lateral Curl

We decided to get a cheap and compact bench for the house so we can keep working out even if we can’t get out. We chose this one as the price is right and it has all the attachments to target most body parts.

My biggest gripe is the fly curl attachments though. They are very unnatural in the way I move my arms. I much prefer dumbbell flys and will continue to do dumbbell flys.

The bench is comfy and does have four inclines from decline, flat, incline and high incline. It does not go straight up for shoulder presses etc though.

The leg curls and extensions are very uncomfortable and I can’t quite get enough weight on there to get a good burn. I will be honest though and say that if you do have good form with a squeeze action, you will definitely get a good pump.

The lateral pull downs are great and offer a good mixture of close grip, wide grip pull downs.


  • Compact
  • Easy to Setup
  • Lots of Attachments


  • Bench Wobbles
  • It Can’t Support Enough Weight
  • Barbell Supports Not Wide Enough

For a first bench, it’s great. For anyone looking to lift a bit more weight, I suggest you just have a little look around.

For what we need it for, it is great and we are happy with the purchase. Although I can see her out growing it rather quickly.

These are just opinions…


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