My Opinions On Activlab…

Let’s start by saying that I have shopped around many places from E-bay to the main suppliers and here’s my finding on what I find to be the best company by far. (From my experience)

Here’s my opinion on what I want as a customer and this goes for everyday life. The most important thing to me is customer service (which is equally important as the product quality). The reason I find customer service to be so important is down to the fact that something could be wrong with the product and I may also require help with the product. I won’t go into any details on very poor customer service companies, although I will definitely talk about one that has stood out to have excellent customer service…

I enjoy supplements whilst working out and we all know there are hundreds of the same products on the market sold by different retailers and so I look to see what and where is best for me to shop. Let’s take a well known company like Optimum Nutrition and search for protein sellers on google, there are literally hundreds of sellers. Their main aim for them is to make money, just like every other company, obviously. When I have trouble or need help with understanding how to use the product though, I find it extremely difficult to get an answer, let alone asking for some advice with how products work, what they do, or how to stack them with other products etc.

I have absolutely no reason to praise the following company other than commenting from my own personal experience.

Activlab have been incredible to me with any help I need and have answered any questions I have thrown at them. One of the Activlab Athletes Andy Torres added me on Facebook and just said hello to me as a friend would, we got chatting and I started looking through his posts and noticed some supplements that I had my eye on, but from a different supplier. He tested the product over a few weeks and wrote a great article on what he had experienced etc. I asked him a few more questions privately about a good stack and he advised me on several Activlab supplements and explained why he recommended them.

Now let’s get something straight, if he didn’t help me like no other company ever has, then why would I be interested in spending my money with them? Well, I wouldn’t be interested would I.

The thing that has made Activlab stand out over any other supplier is the very friendly, helpful, kind and professional way they have dealt with me. I ordered my first few items a couple of weeks back and told them how happy I was to have received such great service. Shortly after (maybe a few hours) I had an very nice email saying that they appreciate my feedback along with a few other kind words. Again, the only email I ever expect after a typical purchase, is an invoice.

I have paid special attention to Activlab now, just to find out more about them. I have caught up with Andy and how he started his bodybuilding, what he has achieved and even some obstacles he has overcome and conquered along the way. Again, this is a company I’m dealing with that is a business with a top priority of making money, but I genuinely believe that this company is actually a peoples company, not a grab cash and ignore you type of company.

I have wondered several times whilst writing this, ‘why on earth I’m typing it up’. I find the answer easy though, If people want a very good experience with choosing the right products, need advice on what they should take, or just a general good old natter with their athletes, then you need to follow Activlab on one or a few of the links below. (Please don’t waste their time if you don’t have any real interest though)

Again, Activlab have done nothing but make me feel welcome, I don’t have commission, I don’t have anything other than being a customer and I just want to spread the word on what I believe is a brilliant company!

One last thing that I almost forgot is that Andy Torres has a 10% discount code which can be found on his Twitter or Facebook account.

Follow these,


Andy Torres, Activlab Athlete



Andy Torres



In short, Activlab are the best customer focused company I have dealt with since… well, years!

Roll on bodyPower so we can hopefully meet the gang…


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