The Clap…

Tonight was unusual. I started with the usual flat bench press and straight away I found it heavy.

I did

  • 10 reps of 130lb,
  • 8 reps of 150lb,
  • 8 reps of 170lb,
  • 4 reps of 190lb,
  • 1 rep of 210lb,
  • 1 rep of 220lb,
  • 1 rep of 230lb
  • 1 rep of 240lb
  • 10 reps of 170lb

This is very unusual for me and I think it’s the first time it has happened. I had strength to do 1 rep, but I couldn’t do 2. I just can’t work it out, it’s just how it happened. The 240lb is my personal best and I have only hit it once previously. Doing it tonight was a fight to say the least, I did it though and I’m not sure how, guess I beat the giving up part. When I eventually beat it, the lads gave me a clap and praised me for giving it my all rather than giving up. It was a great feeling having them prise me like that!

I then went onto incline barbell and that went ok and so did the flys.

Biceps was normal too.

  • 10kg each end of olympic ez bar. 8 reps x 2 sets
  • 15kg each end for 8 reps x 2 sets

Standing curls, 40lb dumbbells 6-8 reps x 4 sets

Preacher cable curls. 30kg for 8 up to 6 reps of 45kg

To finish we did overhead standing cable curls. Light weight 20kg each side.

I’ve lost roughly a stone over the last 2 months and my strength has dropped a quite a lot. I’m not really bothered about dropping this weight though as I really love to eat and I will put the weight on in no time after the summer. I’ll battle on and look back at my improvements.

Just keep pushing on…




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