Legs And Shoulders…

Usual night on the shoulders so no need for me to talk about that.

I was a bit nervous about squats tonight as I wanted to push hard, but the last few weeks have been quite poor. I tried to concentrate on lower weight and good form to start, just to see how it felt. As soon as I took it of the squat rack though, it felt good!

After a good stretch I did,

  • 8 x bodyweight
  • 8 x 20kg
  • 8 x 60kg
  • 8 x 80kg
  • 8 x 100kg
  • 3 x 120kg
  • 1 x 140kg
  • Failed 142.5kg

Then 21 drop sets to finish (2 spotters removing 5kg per side immediately after 7 reps)

  • 7 x 85kg
  • 7 x 75kg
  • 7 x 65kg

This left me rolling on the floor for a few minutes as it seriously numbed my whole legs. I also had pins and needles in my hands to which was discomforting.

The rest was standing hamstring barbell stretch, calf raises on the smith machine. I don’t know the weight as I just did what was working for me at the time.

(I’m reading Dorian Yates – Blood and Guts at the moment and he doesn’t believe in all these warm up and pyramid sets)

It’s a lifetime of learning…



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