Chest and Biceps (22/04/13)

Ok, I had a plan for tonight which almost went well.

Flat bench. 

I wanted to try a 1 rep max. ( I always work the olympic 7 foot bar out at 20kg or 40lb, not 44lb. It just works in my head and so all my bench press weights need a +4lb on top)

  • 130lb x 8 reps x 2 sets to warm up
  • 170lb x 8 reps
  • 190lb x 6 reps
  • 220lb x 2 reps
  • 230lb x 1 rep
  • 245lb failed (240lb is my PB)
  • 220lb x 2 reps to finish

I’m so happy that I had a little left in the tank to get 2 more reps of 220lb  at the end. That is the first time this has happened.

Incline barbell went well too with a max of 200lb 

Biceps went well (Olympic Ez bar)

  • 10kg per side  x 8
  • 15kg per side x 8
  • 17,5kg per side x 6
  • 20kg per side x 4

Standing curls (per arm)

  • 40lb x 8
  • 40lb x 8
  • 40lb x 8 
  • 50lb x 6

Then I finished with preacher curls and some light overhead cable curls.


I need to add that my diet has changed massively and I am having approximately 2000 calories a day less than what I was a month ago (also it’s clean food). I have lost over a stone now and my strength did drop massively too. I am currently on a new stack of supplements and they are definitely helping! I haven’t said anything till now as I wanted to give it time incase it was a fluke last week.


Onwards and upwards…





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