Change Of Plan And Mental Approach…

The last 6 weeks have been very intense for me at the gym as well as away from the gym nutrition wise. I have been pushing myself as hard as I physically can whilst hitting all the muscle groups. However, I have noticed a big issue with me doing this.

I like to spend an intense hour at the gym. The only time I stand around is when I’m spotting someone. I take it very serious and always push myself, BUT…

The last 6 weeks I have been doing everything I can. Wednesdays and Fridays are very intense and long. I do deadlifts and then a full back workout whilst also hitting triceps to finish. Leg day I do shoulders and legs, which includes squats. Doing the full workouts has took me to well over a hour and also interfered with my focus and intensity.


Wednesday I start with deadlift which lasts for 20 minutes and then I do the following;

  • Narrow grip pull downs or pull ups
  • wide grip reverse lat pull downs
  • D bar wide lat pull downs
  • Seated rows
  • Bent over reverse grip rows
  • Shrugs
  • One arm bent over rows


  • Dips/Narrow bench press/Skull crushers
  • Push Downs/Extensions
  • Overhead extensions/Kickbacks etc

It’s all good to be doing all this, but my mind is never 100% focused on the weight in hand as I am often thinking about the time and quickly moving on to the next exercise. If I’m not giving it 110%, then I’m not doing it right.

Here’s my short term plan

I will do deadlifts every other week along with bent over rows, shrugs and pull ups. Then I will move onto triceps.

The weeks inbetween I will do everything apart from deadlifts. This should give me more time to focus on giving it 100% without stressing over getting it all done.

Fridays will be the same. Every other week I will do squats (alternating the deadlift one week and squats the following) then I can concentrate more on the other muscles in my legs and I’m quite confident this will work out very well for me.

I will also cut down from two sets per body part to just two hard sets per body part. I think I am wasting too much energy messing about with warm up sets when I am already warmed up from the exercise before.

Will it work?

In theory, yes! If I have less to do, I can focus more and put much more stress on the muscle.

I will report back soon…


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