My Journey So Far… (Pics and Progress)

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post so please bear with me, I’m just going to ramble…

Four years ago I was clinically obese, unhealthy, unfit and just useless. I decided I needed to change my life when our second daughter came along. I wanted to be a dad that my children could be proud of healthwise.

Anyway this was around my peak of 15 stone of fat, four years ago.


(I will never have arms that big again) 😛

I went on a diet and got down to 11 stone 6 pound after a year of calorie cutting and jogging. Problem was, I just lost the fat and then looked too thin and I didn’t like that. When I was obese I thought I was big, my head told me that I was muscular and bigger than all the other men. I guess I was big though, in a size 40 inch jeans, that is big, big as in obese!

This is what I looked like on the day I decided to change my mind and body by lifting weights.


Chest tense2

I knew I was thin and I knew I needed to gain some muscle mass. I thought back then that lifting weights would gain muscle and I would see some big changes over the coming weeks. I was taking pictures on a weekly basis and did this for a few months. I had absolutely no clue about diet or how to build muscle, but I tried. The first year I was at home working out. I ate three big meals a day. My main meal was pasta with cheese. I thought that would bulk me up quickly as it had lots of carbs in. Obviously I was wrong.

I managed to find a gym in June 2011 and started working out there. I had to learn everything new and started right back at the beginning. I still didn’t understand the diet and I have only just started understanding the basics in the last year and I have only just started putting it into practice over the last few months. I now eat 6 meals a day, I understand the body can only consume 50g of protein per sitting and the body only stores protein for around 2-3 hours meaning that I need to keep it topped up within this time. I also understand the importance of fruit and veg, the difference between ‘basic and complex carbs’ and how important sleep is.

Since I joined the gym I have never slept for over two hours without waking up, as I started the gym 2 weeks before my boy was born. Just because I couldn’t sleep though doesn’t mean I couldn’t educate myself on nutrition and how to build muscle. (How do you educate yourself when you don’t know where or what to look at though?) I have watched tons of DVD’s and read lots of books. They all have the basic principles, ‘Nutrition, Intensity, Sleep’.

The last month or two, our son has started sleeping through the night, my diet is very good and my intensity has stepped up a lot. I always weight lifted, but now I bodybuild, I feel that I have a connection between my mind and the muscle I want to work.

My wife lifts weights too and if she didn’t, I wouldn’t have the same heart I do for the sport.  We bounce ideas off each other and support each other the best we can.

Here’s a pic of what I was like around 6 weeks ago when I started my 6 meals a day and some intense training…


I had a bit of fun last night and tried out some of that bronzer that they use for competitions. I will emphasize that it was just for fun and I have a very long way to go!


I can see that I have dropped some fat naturally by eating healthy. This was the aim and I can also see just how much fat can change the look of my body. I also did a video of my back as I have never saw my back and that is also coming along… slowly. Everyday I am learning more and I am going in the right direction. The more I learn, the better I will get, it’s just going to take time.

My next aim is to train with Dorian Yates and Temple Gym Birmingham. I hope to sort that out in the next month. The knowledge I will get from that in just one hour will be more than I have learnt in the 3 years I have been on this journey!

I always hear people saying, “If I can do, it anyone can”. I always though that was complete and utter rubbish as they have super genetics. I now know that if I can do it anyone can! Who knows about their genetics until till they try? Who knows what they can accomplish if they don’t try? Why would you want to dream about it for years and not try? (I have tried it many time in my life, I just didn’t dedicate myself to it till now)

I still have people say to me now that they look weak and want to lift, but BUT BUT BUT BUT… There’s no BUT, do it! Make excuses all you want, fail yourself. You need to give yourself a kick up the back side and do it!!!

No one has time,  BUT make time. Turn off the TV, put the game down, go to bed half hour later, sort out your diet! If you want to do it you can, stop making up excuses!!! Press ups, sit ups, pull ups and squats can be done in 15 min!

(The ending was a bit of a motivational speech, I am far from able to preach, but I will try to help anyone who will listen)

Three months ago I was calling out for inspiration and people to follow/discuss ideas with. I  am now surrounded by fitness and it makes a big difference to my mind!

More we get onboard the easier it is…


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