Protein Bites (Crisps)…


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These things are a gem to the world of weightlifting and snacking. They contain 20g of protein per pack, 9 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fat and 142 (140) calories per pack. They come in two flavors at the moment, Sweet Thai Chilli and Sour Cream. The 35g packs are very filling and very tasty! They also take a while to eat, which I find great as it feels like I’m eating much more than I actually am. I personally swear down by these for a number of reasons, one being I like to snack!

With new innovative ideas like these coming to the market, there is even less excuse to not follow your dream!

20130525_212002 20130525_212015

If you need further info on how to get them for your gym contact or more specifically


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